Detoxing My Social Media Feed To Get Ready For A New Life

Are you in a phase where you can’t stop lurking on your friend or social friend’s feed telling your self that you need that or you are going to do that or even worst copying THEM?

and are you now suffer from imposter syndrome? OOhh.. lots of questions right? In this blog post I will be talking about my experience after detoxing my social media FEED`.

Welcome to this weeks blog post. If you are feeling like an imposter or you just don’t feel like you deserve to be where you are it could be because that you are struggling with imposter syndrome.

Design with Ease

“I still have a little impostor syndrome… It doesn’t go away, that feeling that you shouldn’t take me that seriously. What do I know? I share that with you because we all have doubts in our abilities, about our power and what that power is.” – Michelle Obama

Even the former First Lady Michelle Obama is still stuggling with imposter syndrome. Listen I get it and I am not her to judge you but support you. I do struggle with his crazy feeling which it is mostly. No matter what I did I just kept comparing my self to others and telling my self I don’t deserve to be here or this is just not me or even have this urge to follow people I look up too. While everyones time to recover may vary there are a few things you can do to help keep this craziness out of your beautiful brain.

The only way to stop feeling like an impostor is to stop thinking like an impostor.

Yes! I get it you might have to look around for some trending ideas but while doing so, know your style and always keep in mind what’s best for you not what looks good or what another woman is in.

I know what I am talking about. Can I tell you there was this one time I saw a girl on instagram in an outfit and at the time I did not know if it was just how she look or if it was the outfit. So anyways I went to the mall and spent house searching for it. ( The exact same thing)

When really:

  1. I didn’t need any more clothes
  2. I was low on funds
  3. And deep down I feel like that was just not my style

#impostersydrome :/

Be original, show off your style, it tells your story.

I needed to get over that because I kept putting my self out of my way doing things because I see others doing it.

I had to find a solution…

Finding the root of the problem is the best thing to start with. We spend most of the time our devices than ever these days and I bet you must be on social media

Detoxify Your Social Media

This is one major step I had to take to clear my mind. I now have a more positive feed with real people who actual care about either growth.

Get Inspired

Surround your self with people who inspire you there is nothing wrong with taking advise from that person to grow. Because if someone you look up to is successful and that where you want to be there is nothing wrong with following them positively.

Why I said positively?

Because negatively is #beinganimposter. Copying everything a person does word for word , book by book is WRONG! that will only let you feel worst in the long run. Weather you are an entrepurer or a content creator start shinning from the bottom.

If you think there is a person on you instagram making you feel like dirt

unfollow baby !! declutter Do Not Compare Your self With them !

Simply unfollow and move on.

Always remember that there is some one out there looking up to you and you don’t want to disappoint that person who actually love you and your authentic self by copying some one.

Stop being lazy and ignoring those crazy meme page that only get you no where.

It is in fact possible to build a community on instagram.

Forget about the followers because eventually if you get to 10k followers and no now will support your or buy from you Willmore affect you in the long run.

I am here to say decluttering you instagram can be one of the best thing you can ever do. I had way too many follower and very time I tried to delete a bunch of them I would get blocked by instagram so I started a completely new page.

I might not have as much followers but now I can go on my instagram and share god new and know that my tribe will be happy for me and I can do the same.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Think about what you want to eventually do with your audience may be you want to start a business or become a creator. Start building that audience from now.

Think About Your Mental Health

This should be first on your list always I know you want to see inspiring things to build your mindset. So build your tribe from now.

Only compare your self to your past self

You have grown so much. You have accomplish so much. Have you taken a minute to reflect? Well then do that.

Separate Fact From… Friction

This is not library class but you need to do this right now! Or every time you try to phase in imposter mode think about all the hard work you have been putting in to get here.

You deserve every bit of your glory.

Key Take Away

Even some of the most popular celebrities struggle with imposter syndrome one popular person is former First Lady Michelle Obama. At some point in our life we will experience this. Don’t worry try to remain authentic only compare your self with your pass self and separate fact from friction. Remember never build your legacy off of some ones success.

You can always take examples and learn the steps but be your self. You will only robe the world of your special gift and authentic personality.

Leave a comment on what you think about imposter syndrome and if you ever struggle with it.

I am interested to know your views.

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